1. Tom ______ (be) ill last week, he ______ (be) much better now.

  2. Jimmy and his sister _______ (be) here several days ago. They ________ (leave) for Beijing yesterday.

  3. He ___________ (have ) a bath when the telephone ________(ring).

  4. While I __________ (cook ) the dinner, he ___________(read) the paper.

  5. He arrived just as I _____________ (answer) the phone.

  6. After I heard the news, I ___________ (hurry) to see him.

  7. We ____________ (be) disappointed if there is no snow for Christmas.

  8. You ____________ (lie)! Stop it, and tell the truth like a man.

  9. I _________ (be) hungry since five o’clock this morning.

  10. His hair is long; he ________ (have) a haircut tomorrow.

  11. A: _______ Mr. Smitch ________ (leave) for Beijing today or tomorrow?

  B: Oh, he ____ (go ) already. He _____ (take) the morning train yesterday.

  12. ________ the rain still _______ (fall), or _______ it _______(stop)? I want to go shopping today.

  13. No one _________ (watch) the television, so Father turned it off.

  14. He usually ______(get) up at 6 o’clock in the moring, but he ______(have) to get up very early yesterday morning, because he wanted to catch a train.

  15. This big car ________(drive) by a 19-year-old girl in trhe car race yesterday.

  16.The boy____________ (not invite) to the party yet, but I think he will be invited soon.


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